Parker Rehab at Home Creates Seamless Transition in Aging Services During COVID

Roberto MuñizBy Roberto Muñiz, President & CEO

With quarantine protocols still in place, many older adults have discontinued or postponed rehabilitative services, such as physical, occupational and speech therapies, because they are fearful of leaving their homes during the pandemic. These services, however, are crucial for people recuperating from surgery, heart issues or strokes. While safety is incredibly important, a doctor's recommendations for therapy should not be ignored.
For this reason, Parker has deployed even more efforts to bring physical, occupational and speech therapies to peoples' homes through our Rehab at Home program. This is not something new to Parker or many other fine aging organizations, but I am pleased to say it is one of the things we do so well. As a non-profit organization, our goal is to help people age at home as long as possible. Rehab at Home is one of many tools in which we can do that.
This program is helping people achieve maximum fitness to live better lives at home and when we do reopen our community programs, they can get back to taking advantage of all the services Parker offers seamlessly. Rehab at Home is not just available for those who are already connected to us. I have been in conversations with many who just need that extra encouragement and personal attention to start this program at home.
When using Rehab at Home services people are joining Parker's continuum of care that will meet them where they are for the rest of their lives. For someone confined to home and immobile, for example, Rehab at Home services can help bring that person back to their optimum health - maybe even have them walking and engaging in physical activity they haven't enjoyed for a while. Once Parker opens our Home and Community Services again at full capacity, that person may want to utilize our rehab and fitness center, exercise classes (including aquatic therapy) and community center, where they can socialize and make friendships. These are both important benefits to staying healthy at home.

At Parker we want you to stay independent as long as possible. If you should ever need more assistance, we offer assisted living, post-acute care and, of course, memory and nursing care services. People can more seamlessly transition from one service to the next as they age, especially if they are already familiar with what we can offer.

I recently received an email from one of my neighbors who is utilizing Rehab at Home. She stated how happy she is with the program, how much better she is feeling and how much she loves the support she is receiving from our professionals in the comfort of her own home. Our team also caught up with a few others who are utilizing Rehab at Home and Telehealth Rehabilitation Services. Watch their story here
Helping you age at home is closely tied to how we strive to Make Aging Part of Life. We hope this is one way we can be there for you during these challenging times.

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