Parker 'Broadcasters' find Fulfillment in Volunteering

By Danielle Woodruffe

Lillian Minch and Emma Gergely have a good reason to wake up early on most days. They have an important job to do.

“I do the announcements in the morning,” says Minch. “We alternate, and we do pretty good.”

These Parker at Somerset residents take their broadcasting responsibilities seriously. They’re informing others who live and work in their home all they need to know for the day …the date, day, birthdays and what activities are happening in the home.

“We both get compliments,” Minch explains. “We both enjoy what we’re doing and we both hope that it comes across well and everybody’s pleased with us.”

“Apparently I have a very clear voice, so people can understand me,” remarks Gergely.

The volunteer program started with Parker employees who quickly realized residents can do the job just as well and have fun with it.

“Their day becomes a day of purpose and intention. It sets the tone of their day. The productivity, the usefulness which they extend to here. They were involved in volunteerism in their community, so they might as well have volunteerism right here at Parker at Somerset,” says Angie Tiso, Recreation Manager at Parker at Somerset.
They also make a point to listen to each other’s announcements.

“We feel part of the community. It’s a good way of waking up.” says Gergely.

It’s also one way Parker is Making Aging Part of Life for its residents.

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