Infection Control Technologies

By Roberto Muñiz

Roberto MuñizNow that the COVID-19 vaccine has been administered to many of us in aging services, we need to consider what’s next. It is important to ask ourselves, as we remain vigilant, what more can be done to keep our Elders safe and healthy.  I believe technologies are the answer, but not just any technology. One of the keys to our success is to focus on innovations that elevate infection control practices to the highest level possible.

At Parker we have implemented many infection control technologies that will safeguard our homes and programs. We recently shared this news and you can learn all about our current plans here. From wearable devices that remind our employees to frequently wash their hands to UV technology that effectively helps us disinfect at the highest standard, we believe these measures will better protect our residents, employees and visitors. 

In many cases these are technologies that we had planned to implement  before the pandemic came, but our efforts were accelerated as the COVID-19 virus spread. But the work is not finished. We will continue to actively look for the best technologies for infection control.

Even with hope on the horizon with widespread vaccination, it looks like we may be dealing with the impact of this pandemic for some time. Regardless of when this pandemic ends, our world is different now and those of us working in long-term care need to take measures that will keep us one step ahead. 

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