#WithIt Movement Launches at the National LeadingAge Expo

By Roberto Muñiz

Roberto Muñiz and Older Man

The Parker team just returned from the LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo held in Philadelphia last week. It was a powerful time of sharing and brainstorming around how to make the world a better place for those who need aging services and the caregivers who help them.

For Parker, this was the perfect time to launch our #WithIt Movement and introduce attendees to what will be a focus for us for years to come. The #WithIt Movement shares stories of people living their best lives. We are celebrating the beauty of aging at every stage.

I was encouraged as I conversed with people from all over the country at our booth and watched light bulbs go on as they recognized what we are doing with this movement. I heard many stories about people who are #WithIt and are doing amazing things. Let me tell you about my friend, Bob, for example. Bob required assistance getting around the conference, yet at almost 100 years old, he is an active learner eager to take part in all that the conference offered. He learned about the movement and enjoyed snapping his #WithIt photos at our photo booth. Bob is #WithIt! Because above all, #WithIt is a mindset.

The vision of LeadingAge is An America Freed from Ageism. #WithIt is a positive way to view aging– it’s loving and celebrating life at every stage. Together we can Make Aging Part of Life. Join the movement!

WeAreWithIt.org is now up and running. People are joining the movement from all over the country. Join us!  Check out our website and follow #WeAreWithIt on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.  On these sites you’ll see some of the #WithIt photos taken at the conference. Share the information with your social media followers and ask them to join the movement. Start conversations about #WithIt and reach out to us with any ideas or questions. Together we can make a change and it starts here. 

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