#WithIt Movement One Year In: New Announcements

By Roberto Muniz

It's been a whole year since Parker launched our #WithIt Movement. It's a movement inspired by Parker to challenge outdated notions about aging. It's a shift to position aging in a positive light and it's the antidote to ageist beliefs and the propaganda that we are bombarded with that depicts aging as negative in our society. (See my blog explaining the origins of #WithIt.)
The last twelve months have been busy as we have shared this message with other organizations, influencers, and audiences. We have received much positive feedback and support from others who are joining us in this paradigm shift that is catching on. I said it before, this will not happen overnight and while we are still just getting started, the movement is picking up speed!
I'd like to share with you some new developments in the #WithIt Movement - a new video: #WithIt Challenging Ageism, which gives more details about this movement and how you can get involved. I laughed out loud while watching this. The interviews were real and heartfelt and I'm thankful to all those involved who share their aging journey and the lessons they want to impart on all of us.
We have also redesigned our website: WeAreWithIt.org. We have a new look, new stories and videos to share and simple ways for you to get involved.
I encourage you to have a look at both our video and website and consider how you would like to get involved. If you've only heard about this but haven't joined us, now is the time. If this is your first time hearing about #WithIt, join us now. It's time to Challenge Ageism!

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