Virtual Health & Wellness Program

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The new Virtual Health and Wellness program began during the pandemic to offer online programming for our participants. The exercise and webinar classes were so successful that we decided to continue with it even after our Health & Wellness Center and pool re-opened at no additional cost.

Experience an innovative method of personalized fitness classes in the comfort of your home, with professional instructors who engage with and monitor program participants for safe and effective workouts, Monday through Saturday.

You can choose from a variety of 20 exercise classes:  
Yoga, Meditation, Interval Training, Kickboxing, Better Balance, Sit & “B” Fit, Move & Groove, Chair Zumba, Total Body Workout, Body Sculpt, Below the Belt, Strength Training, Circuit Training, and Upper Cut Strength Workout.

Pre-recorded exercise classes are available in the evenings, Monday through Friday.

Participants enjoy classes on telehealth topics on nutrition, bone health, inflammation, and more. You will learn from frequent guest lecturers in the health and wellness field.

Our motto is “You’ve got to move to improve” your body and mind through virtual communications.


"My sister, as I, suffer from severe back issues.  Yesterday she had an appointment with her orthopedist.  She  ...  told the doctor of her joining in on Parker's virtual exercise program.  His reaction was that this is probably the best thing that she could be doing.  He commended her for participating and told her to continue.  He said that further action such as injections may eventually be required but that this was as good a remedy as anything he could prescribe at this time." ~ Marty T.

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For more information, call Lori Morell at 732-565-2421.