Evergreen Way Testimonials

"Over 3 years ago, you reached out and saved us. The love, care, and the responsibility you showed toward us was beyond my expectations. I watched (my mother) thrive and because of you she was able to enjoy the final years of her life. Not only did you care for her medically, but you also cared for her social, creative and complete well-being. One of the greatest gifts you gave us was allowing us to be a family in her new home. You always welcomed me, allowed me to be involved in all her activities, and included me in all the decisions concerning her care, You are an incredible group of people who are extremely rare in this world. I will always hold each and every one of you so deeply in my heart." - Laura K.

"You don't just sit in your room at Evergreen Way. You work, play, have structured activities and programs all day at Evergreen Way. That's the perfect medicine for introverts, depressed individuals, and great for all people. My mom's behavior and attitude immediately improved. She looked forward to each day. I want you to know that I believe the Evergreen Way concept is special at Parker. Evergreen Way instills a feeling of self-worth, dignity, and encourages participation and a sense of accomplishment into its residents. The Evergreen Way program is a successful model for allowing those in their waning years to feel that they are active and vital assets to society." - Jim K.

"The care that the Evergreen Way staff has given my mother for the past seven years has been beyond excellent. They kept her mentally engaged and physically active, providing her with a wonderful quality of life. From daily exercise and current event discussions to fun lunches and shopping trips, there is always something special happening there. My family and I are very grateful to our friends at Evergreen Way." - Barbara Z.
"I don’t know where to begin about extolling the virtues of Evergreen Way. The staff provides a warm, supportive environment.   The nursing staff is knowledgeable, thorough and caring. The staff takes the best care of my mother’s physical and emotional needs.  My mom is always engaged in something fun and creative. She is given the best of care. Whenever friends and family members visit, they all comment on the beautiful environment as well as the friendly staff and happy residents.  They say it is the nicest nursing facility they have ever seen. Parker has given me such peace of mind. I don’t worry at all about my mother’s well-being." - Beth N.

"Thank you for the exceptional care my mother received at Parker. The time she spent at Parker was some of her most enjoyable years. Your staff was very respectful towards my mother and I know she appreciated that." - Elinor O.‚Äč