Parker at Somerset Testimonials

"You are an AMAZING team! Thank you so much for the wonderful care you provided for our mother. For the past two months, it has been such a gift for you to be taking care of all her medical, personal and recreational needs so that we could each just focus on spending time with her during our visits. The work you do takes perseverance, energy and faith. We appreciate all you have done for our mother and continue to do for all the residents. We are so thankful and will continue to pray for you as you work to make all our lives better." - Deb S. and family

"Before he came to Parker at Somerset, my dad was being confined to bed because staff were afraid to move him, and he was entirely dependent on tube feeding for nutrition. By the time he left [Parker at Somerset], he was playing cards, walking long hallways with a walker, and was cleared for thin liquids and a soft diet. I couldn't have imagined that degree of progress. Thank you for assembling such a wonderful, skilled and supportive staff. I will certainly recommend Parker at Somerset to friends and patients with a need for your services." - Laura W.

"This has been a challenging time in my life and I appreciate you and your staff so much. You have no idea how much your help and care has meant to me. There was nothing random about your acts of kindness. The staff always knew how to make life brighter for everyone at your facility. They were always so helpful and make the world a nicer place. You and your staff went above and beyond, and I am touched and grateful. I can't possibly repay you for the wonderful stay and care at your facility. - Sharon W.

"I wanted to take this time to thank you and the staff of Parker at Somerset. My aunt was admitted into Somerset for rehab and I could not be more thankful for the care she has received while there. She was the happiest I have seen her in years and was truly saddened when she had to go back home. Thank you for upholding such a wonderful place. Our moral and ethic starts with you and what you dream for the elderly." - Alicia P.

"I arrived at the Parker at Somerset for rehab on the evening of December 1, 2016 after undergoing bilateral total knee replacement at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. It proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The Physical Therapy department is absolutely superb. After knee replacement, the quality of PT received is vitally important to the success of the entire process of rehabilitation. I can only say that the care, attention to the quality of the experience, knowing when to press forward and gently retreat with the exercises and absolute skill of all the therapists surpassed all my expectations. My special thanks and deep gratitude for the staff's untiring effort in getting my new knees mobilized and functional and to the entire PT staff for being a part of my journey. It is a humbling experience to be almost totally dependent on others for basic needs. Thank you to the aides and nurses, and all the rest for doing for me when I could not do for myself. The entire staff at Parker at Somerset made my stay a truly memorable and rewarding experience. I highly recommend this facility for their excellent care." - Sandra D.

"If not for the fantastic care my mom receives at Parker at Somerset, she would not still be here. After her stroke, she could no longer stay at her assisted living. I found Parker at Somerset and we could not be happier. They not only saved her life, they improved it. The care provided by all the staff has been outstanding. I would recommend Parker at Somerset to anyone who needs a skilled nursing facility." - Lisa R.

"The attitude of all Parker at Somerset staff, from the physician to maintenance people, is very upbeat and pleasant. They give the impression that they care about you and your wellbeing." - Family member of a post-acute rehab resident

"Very impressed that there is a physician and an APN available daily to immediately address concerns." - Parker at Somerset resident.