Parker at Stonegate Testimonials

Female Resident sitting on porch reading a book

"My five children are simply delighted that I live at Parker at Stonegate. They appreciate the warm family atmosphere. They're happy because I'm happy - I made the right decision. Parker at Stonegate was there when I needed it and I couldn't be in a better place." - Maggie R. (Parker at Stonegate resident)

"Dear Friends, 
Your beautiful Mother's Day card brought my emotions to the surface once again as I realized just how fortunate I am to be at Parker at Stonegate to enjoy the numerous benefits of being cared for in a luxurious manner, which is our every day style of life - how lucky can we get! Thank you seems so trite compared to all of your efforts to make and keep us happy. You should know that your extended efforts work very well for me. I can't think of anything that, added to agenda, could improve our current projects or programs. You all have covered it completely." - Peggy (Parker at Stonegate resident)

"I wanted to send you and all the other incredibly dedicated Parker House employees a heartfelt thank you for doing an amazing job at being able to obtain, schedule, register and inject the vaccines into  the arms of the residents and employees. I am sure we will never know all the long meetings, hassles and hair pulling that went into getting this Herculean task done but our family as well as many other families, I am sure, are incredibly grateful.

The detail and care that went into this operation was evident. The head chef was so thoughtful in preparing numerous ice packs for each person that was vaccinated. I also wanted to thank Jackie the head nurse for taking such wonderful care of my mother who had a side effect of muscle soreness. Jackie was so kind to check on my mother and put on her pain patches for a couple of days for her muscle soreness. Mom is so happy she got the shot! It is so comforting to us to know that our mother is being cared for by such a thoughtful, kind and competent team. We know everyone is tired and feels over worked with all the Covid protocols but just wanted to send your entire team a big “THANK YOU”! You are appreciated!" - Tarynn Y. 

"An outstanding staff, efficient and compassionate: The concierges; the maintenance team who fixed my TV glitches in minutes and lent their keen eyes to hang my paintings and transform my suite into my new home; the social worker who, in minutes, ordered me two new books on my Kindle (an impossible task for me because of a visual impairment); the fleet of nurses who check if you're okay because you weren't seen at breakfast; servers in the dining room who knew my name at my second meal. The residents, too, so many outstretched hands with a warm welcome. I would like to thank everyone for their kindness. Surely, it reflects upon you that everyone speaks so positively of their lives here, one which I will now share." - Maria R. (resident)

"Your entire staff and the culture of Parker at Stonegate make the difficult times often associated with aging and death much easier - not something tolerated in isolation. It is not easy for an entire staff to always respond to residents in a kind and compassionate manner but yours does. You should be proud of them and proud of your managers." - Carol B.

"Parker offers so much for me and my family. My husband and I live at Parker at Stonegate. Our grandson, attends the day care program, and visits once a week with the Child Development Center Intergenerational program. Also, the Adult Day Center administrator, Natalie, helped my daughter with her aphasic husband with much needed respite care." - Vera S.
"The Eden philosophy really is the goal at Stonegate. The entire staff is helpful and understanding, and the activities are wide ranging." - Bill S.
"I want to take a moment to thank you officially for all the wonderful celebration and publicity surrounding my father’s 100th birthday. From the party at Stonegate (with Proclamation from the Mayor) to the wonderful publicity in the Jewish News and Star Ledger, you made my Dad’s 100th birthday something very special. As family, we were all very pleased, but the real measure was that my Dad was truly touched." - Peggi E.
"My parents moved to Stonegate last spring, and from the first, it was clear we had made the right choice. You and your staff have been unfailingly thoughtful and helpful. I would like to list all of the people who have been so wonderful, but will refrain, out of fear that I may accidentally leave out the kindest person of all. Instead, I will simply say that my whole family is very grateful to all of you, for everything." - Camilla T.