Culinary Services

"Pleasing residents is what drives every detail of our work." - Nikhil Bakhru, Director of Dining and Nutrition Services

Party Buffet Fare

The Culinary Services team has a Vision statement that is simple yet basic to the success of all our homes: "We seek to recognize and offer residents simple pleasures and to build true relationships within a friendly and welcoming environment."

The Culinary Services team delivers a high-end dining experience for all Parker residences and our Adult Day Center. The team is committed to serving the highest quality and best tasting meals to our residents, while also ensuring balanced nutrition for optimum health. The team specializes in catering extraordinary events, not only for our residents and participants, but also for anyone planning a party or gathering on any of our campuses. 

Nikhil Bakhru, Director of Dining and Nutrition Services for Parker, leads the Culinary Services team. 

Carving Station at Parker PartyThe Culinary Services team is dedicated to ensuring that each resident and participant is happy and satisfied by their dining experiences . In a recent article in Culinary Edge magazine, Mr. Bakhru remarked, "Pleasing residents is what drives every detail of our work. Our residents, especially at the nursing homes, often experience changes in their taste as a result of the aging process, clinical conditions or medications. They have personal flavor preferences so we want to provide them with meals they can enjoy thoroughly each and every time."

Parker has a commercial kitchen in each of our homes. All foods are made from scratch following a seasonal four-week rotating menu cycle.

We also have a Catering Menu for the families of our residents, participants, or outside organizations, with lots of choices for small or large gatherings on all Parker campuses. To place an order for an event at Parker, please call:
  • Parker at River Road - Chef Rondi Aravecz at (732) 418-8629
  • Parker at Landing Lane - Chef Oleg Babich at (732) 545-3110
  • Parker at Monroe - Chef Nikisha Sconiers at (732) 992-5208
  • Parker at Stonegate - Chef Joseph Mazurek at (732) 565-2510
  • Parker at Somerset - Chef Andrew Carr at (732) 545-4200