Respite Care

Smiling older woman

As a caregiver, spending time away from the loved one you take care of may be necessary from time to time. Your loved one will be welcomed to the Parker at Somerset or Parker at Monroe community and treated like a member of the family. He or she will engage in fun activities while enjoying the company of peers. You will experience peace of mind while your loved one enjoys a stimulating and supportive environment.

How will Respite Care be beneficial to you and your loved one?

  • It gives peace of mind for a caregiver who is traveling
  • It is a healthy break from the demands of caregiving, which will reduce your stress
  • Your loved one will engage in activities that support physical, mental and cognitive abilities
  • We offer a stimulating and enriching environment where your loved one will enjoy socializing with peers
  • Respite care may be beneficial for people who have been discharged from a hospital lor rehab program but may still need professional assistance before returning home
  • We are flexible--your loved one may stay with us for as little as a week or as long as a month