Rehabilitation Services

We are accepting new patients for Parker Rehab At Home and Telehealth.

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Parker Rehabilitation Services offers physical, occupational and speech therapy five days a week in our well-equipped fitness center. We also offer rehabilitation services in your home. Each of our licensed therapists is highly skilled in evaluating residents and participants and establishing realistic goals for them to achieve the highest level of functioning. The therapies develop, maintain and restore abilities and functions that may have been impacted by aging, illness or accidents.
  • Parker Rehab Services employees outdoorsPhysical Therapy - training in ambulation, posture, and body alignment. We have specialized exercise programs for strength, coordination, pain management, fall prevention, and endurance.
  • Occupational Therapy - provides education and training in the activities of daily living: dressing, eating, bathing and grooming, which helps to maintain or regain function.
  • Speech Therapy - extensive exercises for oral muscle strenth, swallowing and articulation, verbal and non-verbal communication programs, and cognitive exercises for memory impairment.
Download our Parker Rehabilitation Services brochure.

Therapist wearing PPEParker Rehab at Home

Has your recovery been delayed by COVID-19?

We offer physical, occupational and speech therapy in the safety and comfort of your home.
  • Highly skilled, licensed therapists, with PPE, following all state infection control requirements
  • Individualized treatment plan based on your personal goals
  • Return to your previous activities and independent lifestyle
  • Call us at 732-565-2494 with any questions. We will explain our process for keeping you safe while you are in our care.
Download our Parker Rehab at Home brochure.