Executive Leadership Team

Roberto Muñiz

President and CEO

Roberto has been the President and CEO of Parker for eighteen years and has more than twenty-five years of long-term care experience.

Curt Evans

Chief Operating Officer

Curt joined Parker in 2017 as Chief Operating Officer. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Operations for Luthercare.

Donna Silbert

Chief Strategy Officer

Donna joined Parker in 2013. She is responsible for leading and implementing Parker’s system-wide strategic growth plan.

Jean Rebele

Chief Administration and Talent Officer

Jean Rebele joined Parker in 2017 as Chief Administration and Talent Officer. Jean oversees the Human Resources, Talent & Education and Administration functions.

Edward Matthews

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Ed serves as a strategic financial advisor and partner to the organizations's executive leadership team.

Judy Collett-Miller

Director of Planning & Administration

In her role as Director of Planning and Administration, Judy oversees organization-wide project planning in support of Parker's strategic and organizational initiatives.