A Deeper Look at #WithIt

Roberto MuñizIn less than one week, Parker leaders will be attending LeadingAge’s National Meeting and Expo and unveiling much more about our #WithIt Movement. As an exhibitor at the Expo, we are hoping to inspire people to rise up against ageism in the USA by joining #WithIt. Now you’re invited to join the movement at WeAreWithIt.org!

Last month, I explained why we created #WithIt—to reverse the trends that allow, accept, and enable ageism. A recent Forbes article reports that only six percent of Americans over the age of 60 discussed important matters over the past six months with someone younger than 36 who is not a relative. #WithIt is a way of connecting generations, inspiring all of us to drop our biases and open ourselves up to shared experiences with people of all ages.

As part of the Movement, we’re launching a new website called WeAreWithIt.org and WeAreWithIt social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Check out our website and follow #WeAreWithIt on social media. Share the information with your social media followers and ask them to join the movement. Start conversations about #WithIt and reach out to us with any ideas or questions. In this way, we hope you’ll become a treasured #WithIt Movement Ambassador!

While Parker is launching, inspiring, and sponsoring the #WithIt movement, we do not own the movement. It is bigger than one organization and we’ll be inviting other organizations, companies, public institutions and individuals to join #WithIt, so it can become a vital national movement against ageism and become its own entity.

This will not happen overnight. We are committed for the long-term since change will be incremental. Click here to learn more at WeAreWithIt.org.

Change is needed on behalf of elders. It starts with you. Join the #WithIt movement online.  
My sincere thanks, and I’ll be updating you soon on #WithIt after the LeadingAge’s National Meeting and Expo.

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