Smiling Parker employee"Parker at Stonegate and Parker at Monroe both served as my father's home for his last two and a half years of life. His journey was not always easy, but the care and respect everyone in the Parker family showed him was extraordinary! My parents both signed up for Parker in the early 1980's and it was one of the smartest decisions they ever made. My mother only needed the day program in Highland Park, but my father needed more assistance. I always knew he was well cared for, and that made me so happy, especially when COVID hit. Thank you again for making Parker an exceptional place, a place where my dad could be taken care of with such love, kindness and respect. I will be forever grateful." - Carol D.

"Thank you for taking so much time to show us all that Parker has become historically and as state-of-the-art care for so many people. We were amazed at all of the thought and planning that contributed to the success of these homes. We thank you and everyone at Parker for your continued effort to maintain the core value of this special place! - Gail F. & John H.

"Many thanks to you for allowing the Retired Nurses Group tour your facility. The commitment to the care you provide at Parker was obvious in the faces of your clients as well as the staff." - Evelyn S.

"I thought of trying to recall the names of every staff member who had every been kind to us or especially helpful. But I quickly realized that it was a Herculean task, and that I would never be able to manage it... What you pride yourselves on is really true - that all the staff go out of their way every day of every week to try to help the elders in their care, as well as the family members who love them." - Cami T.

"Words can't really express the deep gratitude I feel for the many years of care and love that my mother received while living at Parker. I can't single out one or two people who were exceptional because the whole staff is extraordinary. So please know that your organization is the best of the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Toby E.

"Over the years, I have witnessed, on an almost daily basis, the professional and loving care my wife is receiving. At the same time, I have made many acquaintances within the Parker family and I am always touched by the sincere friendliness of everyone I meet. While the pain of separation remains, the guilt has been tempered by a deep satisfaction that my wife is in good, loving and caring hands." - Robert S.
"It is very interesting and enjoyable to have the support of the dining room staff and the activities group when one or more of our dining table group members has a birthday. Over the past year, we have had several opportunities to make use of the private dining room for birthday dinner celebrations--the same food as the regular dining room but in a very special setting. The extra effort by the dining service staff is much appreciated as is the nice poster always designed and produced by the activities group indicating the name[s] of the birthday guys. Thanks to all involved for helping to make these birthdays very special." - Bill B.
"God bless the Francis E. Parker Home and all those that commit their lives to care for the elderly." - Mark W.
"Thank you for the exceptional care my mother received at Parker. The time she spent at Parker was some of her most enjoyable years. Your staff was very respectful towards my mother and I know she appreciated that." - Elinor O.
"Thank you and please continue to do the wonderful work you do in serving people in the later years of their lives." - Elaine H.
"Aside from the outstanding care that her aides give her, I am amazed at how each staff member, no matter their position, joins together to ensure that my mother’s needs are met." - Linda P.

"Thank you for the expanded hours and offerings in the Health & Wellness Center. I have been able to spend time exercising and feel that it has improved my fitness and lowered my weight. Being able to use the center on Saturdays and taking the evening pool classes on Mondays and Wednesdays has been very beneficial for me. I realize that the Wellness staff had to change schedules in order to provide coverage and I really appreciate the staff's dedication to make this happen." - Elaine D.
"I want you to know how much I appreciated the different programs and the friendly atmosphere at the Adult Day Center. I can not praise the staff and atmosphere enough." - Edna B.
"I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the support and help that you and your staff at the Adult Day Center have given to me, my husband, and our family. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and professionalism has been of great support to me and I can see how it has helped my husband. " - Iona J.
"My husband loves the Adult Day Center program. He feels really energized. When he comes home, he wants to share everything although sometimes the words are hard to find. It's like having a new family...it gives him purpose and makes him happy. " - Doris Y.

"We are very satisfied with how the Parker Adult Day Center (Highland Park) staff is helping my aunt. We have noticed enormous improvement in her mobility and social skills." - Darlene and Debbie
"From my perspective, though, and my Dad’s, we are very pleased with the Adult Day Center (Highland Park). It seems to offer my mother the right amount of structure; she is very happy to go. As you know, she particularly enjoys “the birds”, but I also think she enjoys a place that is her own to go. I also think she just enjoys the attention and everyone there. She always comments how nice everyone is. My Dad and I also appreciate the ongoing communication with us. It is reassuring to know that someone is watching over her and tracking her progress. I would certainly recommend the program." - Margaret E.
"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful program at Parker Adult Day Center (Highland Park). The staff is excellent and everyone is honoring, respectful, warm, and very willing to make my mom feel at home." - Bert B.

"My Dad loved "going to work" at Parker Adult Day Center (Monroe Township) and he loved all of you. It was his reason to be and his social life. I don't know what we would have done without you and your kindness to him after my Mom passed. He was traumatized, but found a way to go on, thanks to the comfort and security he found with you. You provide a more than important service, and I hope you know how much your clients and their families depend on you to manage their lives day-to-day. On behalf of my Dad, thank you! I don't know how you do the job you do, but I am forever grateful for all of you." - Mary E.

"Why Parker Adult Day at Home is so rewarding. You stay busy. A lot of creative crafting. Nutritionists share good ideas and exercises that are good for you. They offer a lot of activities that wake up the brain, which helps mindful connections. I enjoy all the games they come up with. Another good thing about Parker - if you need help, they will send a caretaker right away to assist you. Parker Day Club at Home provides daytime socials, live entertainment, pet therapy, and exercises. The lunch is also great. Where can you eat for $3, tip included? So grateful to them! - Mary S.

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