It Starts at the Top: Leader to Leader, Are You #WithIt?

Roberto MuñizOur leadership team at Parker recently returned from the LeadingAge Meeting & Expo in San Diego. This year’s meeting was truly superb – from the speakers, to sessions, to the expo halls. We were excited to return one year after launching the #WithIt Movement and sharing the mission of Challenging Ageism with those in the aging field. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive and we were able to double the number of individuals who have pledged to be a part of the #WithIt Movement.

One question I am hearing: is how can leaders get involved and bring this back to their organizations? While this movement was started by Parker, it is much bigger than us and our desire is that other organizations and leaders join us and that this movement takes on a life of its own.

Leader to Leader, I assure you that this IS a movement you want to pay attention to. The message that aging doesn’t need to be negative, and that together we can reverse the ageism that exists in our society, is for everyone. It’s a global mission that impacts our communities, families and your organization. We want you to share this with everyone including your employees.  

I commend the work that AARP is doing in urging Congress to pass the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act. LeadingAge’s vision of creating An America Freed from Ageism, lines up perfectly with what #WithIt is. We agree with the values held by Eden Alternative®, Old School, The Pioneer Network and influencers like Ashton Applewhite. It’s organizations and leaders like these, and many others like you, that we would like to take a stand with.

Together we can make such an impact on how our culture views ageism, and it starts at the top. As leaders we need to bring this to the spotlight. It will challenge and change the culture of our organizations, and over time, create a more enriching environment for your employees and those you serve.

Join me – sign up today. Reach out to us. We are happy to collaborate on how, together, we can Challenge Ageism and Get #WithIt on Aging!

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